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Otto Kretschmer | U.S. Naval Institute
Otto Kretschmer is a tall, very polite man with an air of gentle formality. The first time I met him and asked for an interview, he granted me a half hour following a luncheon celebrating his wifes birthday.
Kretschmer, Otto "Silent Otto". - WW2 Gravestone kretschmer otto
Flotilla Admiral Otto Kretschmer (1 May 1912 – 5 August 1998) was a German U-boat commander in the Second World War and later an admiral in the Bundesmarine. From September 1939 until being captured in March 1941, he sank 47 ships, a total of 274,333 tons. For this he received the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords (German: Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes mit
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Otto Kretschmer (1912. május 1. – 1998. augusztus 5.) a legeredményesebb német tengeralattjáró-parancsnok volt a második világháborúban. 1939 szeptemberétől, 1941 márciusában bekövetkező fogságba eséséig, 47 hajót süllyesztett el, melyeknek együttes vízkiszorítása 274 333 tonna volt. Ezzel a teljesítményével kiérdemelte a Tölgyfalombokkal és kardokkal ékített
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Otto August Wilhelm Kretschmer (1. toukokuuta 1912 Heidau, Neisse – 5. elokuuta 1998 Straubing, Baijeri) oli koko toisen maailmansodan menestyksekkäin sukellusveneen päällikkö upottaen 274 333 bruttorekisteritonnia (47 alusta).
Otto Kretschmer | U.S. Naval Institute
Kretschmer was born in Heidau near Neisse, then in the German Empire on 1 May 1912 to Friedrich Wilhelm Otto and Alice new Herbig. [2] His father was a teacher at the local Volkschule ( primary school ) where Otto attended from 1918–1921.
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Otto Kretschmer Otto Kretschmer was born in May 1912, joining the navy in 1930, and transferring to u-boats in 1936. He was the Watch Officer aboard U-35 from 3rd November 1936 to 30th July 1937.
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Otto Kretschmer (1 May 1912 – 5 August 1998) was the most successful German U-boat commander in the Second World War and later an admiral in the Bundesmarine. 81 relations.
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Otto Kretschmer was only in combat from September 1939 until March 1941 but was Germanys highest-scoring U-boat commander, sinking 47 ships totaling 274,333 tons. This definitive work details his personal story and the political backdrop from his earliest days.
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Otto Kretschmer was born in Germany. There is no information about Ottos surviving family. Followers & Sources Source(s): National Archives: German Immigration Manifests: 1850 - 1897 . Other Records of Otto Kretschmer. World Events. Add Ottos birthday or the date she died to see a list of historic events that occurred during Ottos lifetime.
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He commissioned U-99 on 18 April 1940 which was part of the 7th U-boat Flotilla.
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Kretschmer was promoted to Kapitänleutnant (captain lieutenant) on 1 June 1939.
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On 2 October 1933, Kretschmer then transferred to the pocket battleship Deutschland as a gunnery officer during a trip to Denmark.